LaLa Beans was founded in 2012 by sister-in-laws Shannon and Meagan Hayes with a simple idea:  design amazing products that make life easier. It all started with diapers...

When Shannon had her first child in 2011, she, like most everyone else, used disposable diapers on her baby for the first several months.  She had considered using cloth diapers but thought it was going to be more expensive, too big of a hassle, etc. Basically, she thought what most people think. Until she tried one...


And that's where our story begins.


Being the daughter of an excellent seamstress/quilter/do-it-yourselfer, Shannon was no stranger to her sewing machine. She set out to make the best diaper for the most reasonable cost. That's where Meagan came in.


Meagan didn’t have children at the time but was a housewife and amazing auntie who frequently cared for her 2-year-old nephew. Seeing what a fabulous product Shannon was able to produce, she encouraged her to start selling her diapers and waterproof covers.  Since Meagan had some available time, she jumped in on production, bringing her nephew along to help with product testing, and LaLa Beans was born.


They worked tirelessly to create the best, most user-friendly cloth diaper that they could. In the end, they had developed this super-absorbent, ultra-soft microfiber, one-size-fits-most diaper and an adorable selection of waterproof diaper covers in multiple sizes. Their products grew from there, expanding to nursing covers, baby carriers, and so much more.  Shannon and Meagan sat down, thought about their lives as moms and aunts, and dreamed of things that would make their busy daily lives a little more manageable. They said things like “Wouldn’t it be great if my nursing cover had this” and “It would be so awesome if I could use my car seat cover to do this, and this…”, that sort of thing.  So that’s what they made. Practical, functional items that have multiple uses so you don’t have to clog up your already overflowing diaper bag with more stuff.


In 2016 Meagan was blessed with her first child, a beautiful little girl.  She left LaLa Beans in 2017 to be a full-time mom and we wish her all the best.  She still consults from time to time on product design and testing while Shannon and her family run the business full time.  They continue to create and seek out the best products, keeping to their original vision of quality, budget-friendly, and useful articles for active families.


Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to join you on your journey through parenthood, one product at a time!


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